Photo Agent: Robert Bacall Representatives

BIG news this month for me and my work. After years of going at it on my own, I’m excited to announce that I have teamed up with photo agent, Rob Bacall out of New York to help represent me and my work.

Rob has 30 years of experiencing representing some of the worlds best photographers and currently has a roaster of talent I’m excited to be apart of.

PR announcement about Weston Fuller photo agent relationship with Robert Bacall and being included on his roaster of talented artists.
CLICK the image above to preview the social media announcement about Weston Fuller Photography now being included on the roaster of Rob Bacall Representatives.

Eight years ago when finishing my MFA degree at the Academy of Art University (AAU), I sent a career goal of wanting to have an artist rep relationship to help me reach the clients and projects admired and saw on a national and global scale. Over the years, I spoke to a few agents but things never seemed right. I read and spoke to other photographers about their feeling and opinions on having a rep and although each relationship was unique and different, everyone agreed that the relationship was important in helping them obtain their career goals and without the network of an agent they would not be or have worked on past project.

This has been one of the main reasons for me and Rob to start working together, because we each bring something to the relationship that we can benefit from. Over the last few years I’m submitted treatments and estimates on which have allowed me to bid against some amazing photographers, a couple I even wrote about in my thesis project when in school. Throughout the process there were always a couple of things that jumped out to me and havestuck with me. Usually I’m the only non-repped artist bidding on the projects and if I’m bidding on an amazing THIS amazing project, than what other projects could I potentially be missing out on and could an agent help me get infront of more clients to further my career. Over the past year, I’ve aimed for opportunities to work with clients, to present my work, market in new areas I over looked or maybe didn’t focus as much on. As an artist, just having an opportunity is what we work for and keeps us pursuing our dreams. So with this in mind, I’m excited for the next chapter of my career with the opportunity to work with Rob Bacall.


917-763-6554 | |

For inquires and to work together on future project, please contact Rob or myself.

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