Interior – Summit Remodel

Had the pleasure of flying out to Utah…my old home town for a residential interior design shoot, for a not so normal Utah kitchen design. I had seen some basic images of the interior before stepping foot inside the home, but it’s always nice to come onto a location and be pleasantly surprised and say, WOW (either verbally of to myself). Now to be fair, it’s important that I define which type of WOW I am referring to,  because it can be referenced for both good and bad and in this instance….good! Let’s face it, design and style usually do not come to mind when someone thinks of Utah, so to have the ability to photograph a kitchen remodel project that took a standard Utah design to what I could not only photography but use a portfolio image, is impressive.

The main aspect of photographing the kitchen was to use the natural ambient light, which was considered as one of the main design elements for the project. Using natural light and turning off all other light sources in the home helped to emphasize and compliment this aspect of the design. The use of white as the main color choice for the design helped with the images for natural bounce and fill.

With interiors, I recommend bringing a stylist/designer (not all interior designers can stage for a photograph) along who can help add to the process by providing another eye and opinion on setting up the scene and getting it looking perfect for the shot. Shooting tethered is another great help so that images, prop placement, colors, contrast, shadows, highlights…everything, can be immediately reviewed, discussed and altered if needed. There is usually a lot more the goes into a photography then pressing a button and although interiors provide a great subject matter who have all the patients a photographer could ask for, styling the scene, lighting, using proper equipment and help from other creatives (i.e. stylists and assistants) help to create an image you and most importantly the client is proud of.

Below I’ll give a quick list of the equipment and the role they played in the shoot.

Summit Remodel Hero Kitchen Photo
Summit Remodel Kitchen by Bee Studios
Summit Remodel Interior Design Kitchen
Summit Remodel Decorative Pillow Detail
Summit Remodel Interior Design Photography in Utah


Camera: Nikon D800e (on weighted tripod)

I like to use the D800 or a Phase One Medium Format camera to help capture all of the detail and keep the image as sharp and “crisp” as possible. This also helps using a tripod that is weighed down with a sandbag or anything else for stabilization.

Tether: Seaport Tripod Station, Tether Tools Cable

Software: Capture One Pro

If you have any questions regarding this shoot or any other photos I’ve made, shoot me a message and I’ll do my best to help reveal what happens behind the scenes in my images.



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